If you could impact the lives of a thousand people and it only requires a couple of clicks, and maybe some keyboard typing, would you do it? 

As you probably already know, Innovate Church wants to reach folks right where they are, in their own homes, on their own devices they carry in their pocket. We want them to join our community that we know will show them love just like you have experienced with us. It’s not about Innovate becoming a big church, it’s about Innovate Church being a place of belonging to many who have been forgotten by the Church.

Do you want to help us?

Can you spare a little time and a few clicks or taps on your most used digital device? If so, here’s a few things you can do. The more of them you do, the more impact we can make.

Review Us

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Watch Us On YouTube

You probably already watch our teaching videos on YouTube right? Even if you join us live, it helps to go back and watch the teaching again. Even if you don’t always do this, we’d love to challenge you to watch ten video teachings and do these simple things for us on each.

  • Click the thumbs up button.
  • Click the subscribe button if you haven’t already subscribed.
  • Share the video to your social platform (Facebook, Linked In, Etc.)
  • Leave a friendly comment on the video…this helps a lot!
  • Watch the video all the way to the end…this too helps a LOT.

YouTube uses these items as metrics and will recommend our videos to other people as YouTube sees these items as “engagement” and wants people to be engaged longer, by suggesting popular, or the kind of videos, they know the person likes to see.


We all need community, and many folks out there online feel they don’t have one. The folks we seek to reach will need a place to safely connect with us, you and me, when we aren’t streaming or on Zoom for community. This is what our Mighty Network site is all about. And as we grow, it will become more and more of what we pray for it to be.

Again, it’s simple to invite someone just by sharing this link on your social network, or someone you know via text pointing them to https://church.innovateccc.com/


Do you know why most folks aren’t part of a church community? Seriously, it’s as simple as no one invited them! Look at these stats:

What initially brought you to church?

  • 6-8% Walked in by own initiative
  • 2-3% Liked a program offered
  • 8-10% Liked the pastor
  • 3-4% Had a need met by the church.
  • 1-2% Were Evangelized
  • 3-4% Attracted by Sunday School
  • 70-85% Invited by a relative or friend!

This was research done by the Billy Graham Association.

Ask a friend to join with you as you join us in Zoom or while watching the livestream. Or, and we’d love to see this happen more and more, invite them over, serve a little food, watch a recorded message from us, and then have an open discussion with them about what was taught.

These are all super easy ways you can share your faith, disciple others, and give someone else a family of believers that will accept them, rally around them, and help them grow in Christ.

So how about it, will you help us reach 1,000 souls?