Sunday's Live @ 4PM EDT
Join us online Church!

Join together as the Church streaming live on YouTube as we open God's Word to explore what He is saying to us, how He is encouraging us, and teaching how we should apply His truths to our daily lives.

We first connect with God through His Word and worship, and then we connet with each other afterward in Zoom.

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What to Expect
Nothing Fancy Here!

Each Sunday we offer you an honest, from the heart message on a bible passage or theme that seeks to glorify God and encourage you in your walk with Jesus Christ. It is an authentic message that we pray speaks to your heart wherever you are in your faith journey at the right moment.

During our time in the live stream service we will offer a short childrens time, before the main message and a song of worship as we end our service online together. Cast the stream to your TV and you and the whole family can watch and worship together!

After the "service" we have a gathering in Zoom for catching up and discussion time just like you'd experience together in a physical church or small group of friends. This is community together making real connections with one another. We are an intimate, small, group of family and friends that are here to welcome any and all that log on with us just like you've been with us for years.