Happening This Week

Thursday - We host an online discussion Thursday evenings at 7PM EST looking at the planned bible passages for the weekend message. Since we're in Advent, we;ll be looking at the advent/Christmas passages. 

Sunday, Nov 27-Dec 18, we will be in our "Away in a Manger" series, live in Zoom at 7PM EST. 

You can find the Zoom information in our Virtual Church Community's events listing. Or watch the livestream on YouTube.

Our Christmas Experience
Hear from the Actual Characters
Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be there at the birth of the Messiah? Well, we're going to take you as close as we can by hearing from the people that were actually there! (Characters presented by the Skit Guys)

Join us this Christmas season, (beginning Nov. 27th), as we will hear from eyewitness accounts of the birth each Sunday evening at 7PM EST.

Zoom Link in Our Community Watch via YouTube
Welcome to Innovate Church!
Community church for those that don't go to church

If you're looking for an online community to belong to, then we are here for you and we want you in our community. We are a digital only church seeking to connect those of us that cannot, or choose not, to attend a physical church gathering. Life is not meant to be journied alone. We are meant to encourage one another, to build up one another, and to even mourn with one another. We pray you find these one another's being done within our community, always in love for one another.

We do community together three ways:

  1. Church gatherings in Zoom
  2. Our online "virtual church" (button below)
  3. Messaging through text or instant messenger

Join the community in whatever way fits your comfort level! 

Clicking the button below takes you to our online community space. It's a way to "visit" with us online without any pressure. 

Join Our Community
Let's come together on Sundays!
We are Live, Sundays @ 7PM EST

Hop online and join us on Sunday afternoons for a time of catching up with one another, hear a biblical message, and then have time afterwards for questions and conversation about the message.

Pastor Gerald teaches a relevant, biblical, message in Zoom on Sundays at 7PM EST. Whether you are a person of faith already, or curious, there is room for you in community with us. We welcome you with open arms.

Join Us Live
Jump into our Mid-Week Discussion
Thursdays @ 7PM EST

Come on and jump into real community and let's catch up! Not only do Thursday evening Zoom gatherings include a time of catching up with one another, but it is also a time when we open up the Bible and discuss what it says to each of us.

This is our favorite time together! Got questions about the text? Great! Let's see what we come up with together. No one of us has all of the answers, so let's talk about what God is saying to each of us in our own context!

Most of the time it's an open bible discussion but we may change it up and look at a video series to kick off the discussion from time to time. The main thing is that we communicate and learn together as a community!

Jump In!
Your Whole Family Matters!

We believe the Church happens first in our homes. Parents, we are here to help you share the Word of God and your personal faith with your children. We welcome you and your children to our gatherings!

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