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Welcome to Innovate Church, a digital church designed for individuals like you who cannot or choose not to attend a physical church. Whether you're battling social anxiety, facing physical limitations, or need to attend church in the comfort of your own space, we're here to embrace you with open arms.

At Innovate Church, we believe that true community and spiritual growth are not limited by physical boundaries. Through the power of technology, we have created a warm and inclusive community that seeks to learn and grow in the faith together. We're breaking down barriers and revolutionizing the way we worship, learn, and support one another.

We connect through Text, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Discord!

Join the community in whatever way fits your comfort level! 

Clicking the button below takes you to Discord community. It's where our church "lives" when not streaming, for community, bible study, small groups, and more!

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What We're Studying

Current Message Series:

Practical Faith: The Book of James


"Passing the Test" James 1:1-18 

"Faith: Working it Out" James 2:14-26 

"Taming that which Curses" James 3:1-12 

"Don't be Arrogant" James 3:13-18 

"Don't Act Like Them (the World)” James 4:1-12 

"Learning to Wait: Patience and Prayer" James 5:7-20


Worship Service Sundays @ 6PM EST 

Bible Study & Discussion Thursdays @ 7PM EST

Sundays Thursdays


Growing and Connecting Together

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