You're Welcome Here!
Finding a church is hard...

Hey, we know what it's like to try and find a church to belong to. The awkwardness, the looks, the judgmental thoughts we think others are thinking. We don't think you will experience any of that with us. We definitely don't want you to. We hope you feel at home with us. But just to orient you a little, here's some answers to your potential questions:

  • What is it like?
    • It's like hanging out with a group of crazy friends and family!
    • The best place to get to know us is in Zoom. But, you don't have to have your camera on! Just join us there and jump into the conversation. We'll do our best to make you feel welcome!
  • What about my kids?
    • Let them watch with you...cast the teaching time to the big screen!
    • Most Sundays we will include a kid's time for helping your kids learn about Jesus, faith, and community.
    • Make sure you also have the Bible App for Kids as this alone can keep them busy and help them learn.
    • Join our "The Backyard" group in our Virtual Community! This is our children and teens group.
    • Check out our Families page here on the site too for resources for you and your children.
  • What do we do?
    • Sundays (4PM EST). We livestream a message and "church time" to our YouTube channel.
    • Following Sunday's "church time" we jump into Zoom to discuss the sermon and have fellowship time together.
    • Thursdays (7PM EST) we meet in Zoom to open the Scriptures together for open conversation. We share our own thoughts and how we think the Holy Spirit is revealing something to us all from His Word. We get to ask questions and share our own thoughts and experiences together! We can go over an hour in this time together.
  • What about prayer?
    • If you need prayer, you can send chat to Pastor Gerald via Zoom, text "prayer" to (980) 580-7434, email it, or use our Prayer Closet group in our Virtual Community.
  • What about during the week?
    • During the week we post and have other conversations in our Virtual Community...our own Church Network site through Mighty Networks. You can use it on the web or download the app. You can also receive Church notifications sent directly to you through the network/app.
  • Small Groups
    • We have groups in our Virtual Community that you can join now!


Join Our Community Small Groups